Triple Glazing for Heritage Windows

The Heritage Window Collection has been created to give all the benefits of modern windows with all the style and character of your traditional timber window frames. This gives home owners with classic styled properties much needed energy efficiency, security and low maintenance, which they were struggling to find with their old wooden frames.

The Heritage Windows are made from a strong and durable uPVC material. Previously, uPVC windows would have looked too modern to be installed into traditional homes. With this new range of realistic wood grain finishes and a flush sash design, it is hard to tell the difference between which is the timber frame and which is the modern uPVC frame.

Strong Heritage Windows

With the strong uPVC build, the Heritage Window collection is available with either double glazing or triple glazing glass options. Having the option of triple glazing is a huge benefit for you home, with the extra pane of glass working to help reduce noise and keep a consistent temperature inside your home.

triple glazing

How does triple glazing work?

As the name suggests, triple glazed windows are made up of 3 panes of glass. The glass panes have a 14mm gap between each pane. This space is filled with an Argon gas, which greatly helps improve the energy efficiency of your windows. The triple glazed panes are constructed to make the most of the solar gain on your external facing pane and lower heat loss on your internal pane. This is much the same as a double glazing, but the middle pane of glass adds that extra level of energy efficiency and sound reduction.

Many new homes are now being built with triple glazed windows installed as standards. This is now possible due to the extra strength that uPVC windows provide, helping to support the additional weight of the triple glazed window. This is a great upgrade for property owners with older homes, which may still have old timber frames with single pane glass.

Single pane windows in timber frames can be costly to upkeep, with the wooden frames needing treating and painting to keep them looking their best. The single pane glass can also be prone to condensation, with its thin build not keeping out much noise or working to keep the temperature of your home just how you like it.

Triple Glazing Installers

If you are looking to replace your windows, triple glazing is a great option. With the Heritage Window Collection you can have the latest triple glazed windows installed along with our high quality frames.

As well as having the option of triple glazed glass, heritage windows are also available in a range of different glass styles. You can choose from a wide array of different glass styles as well as make your choices of lead styles and even Georgian bars. We understand that appearance means a great deal when replacing windows, so we have a large amount of different styling options to personalise your

heritageTriple Glazing for Heritage Windows